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Electrofusion Fitting Wire Laying Machine

Electrofusion Fitting Wire Laying Machine

    • Electrofusion Fitting Wire Laying Machine
    • Electrofusion Fitting Wire Laying Machine
    • Electrofusion Fitting Wire Laying Machine
    • Electrofusion Fitting Wire Laying Machine
    • Electrofusion Fitting Wire Laying Machine
    • Electrofusion Fitting Wire Laying Machine
    • Electrofusion Fitting Wire Laying Machine
    • Electrofusion Fitting Wire Laying Machine
  • Electrofusion Fitting Wire Laying Machine

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: CANEX CNC E/F Wire Laying Machine
    Certification: ISO CE
    Model Number: CANEX CX-32/160ZF Electrofusion Fitting Wire Laying Machine
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    Detailed Product Description
    E/F Fitting Range: 315-355-400-450-500-560-630 E/F Coupling, Tee,45/90 Elbow, Reducer Electrofusion Fittings Made Of: Hdpe Pipe /Injection Mould Fittings
    Training & After-sales Service: All Electrofusion Wire Laying Machines Available Wiring Terminals: Supply/technology Supply
    Binding Post Connection: Buckle /welding Together(IGBT+AR Gas) Application: Pad Wire Laying Machine E/F Coupling, Tee,5/90 Elbow, Reducer

    CANEX CNC Horizontal Wire Laying Machine For Electrofusion

    CANEX CX-160/400ZF PE Electrofusion Wire Laying Machine 

    electrofusion wire laying equipment



    How to produce pe electrofusion fittings /electrofusion saddle fittings?




    Choose CANEX Professional wire laying equipments. 


    CANEX provide one stop solutions for electrofusion fittings / pad /saddle. 


    Include : electrofusion drawings / pe electrofuson moulds / electrical paramters/ barcode creater....




    CANEX Hydraulic Chuck electro fusion wire laying machine


    CANEX Pneumatic Chuck electro fusion wire laying machine




     HDPE Electro Fusion Wire Laying Machine 



    CX-32/160ZF  Electrofusion HDPE fittings suitable for Gas and Water networks

    CX-160/315ZF  hdpe electrofusion fitting mould


    CX-315/630ZF  Polyethylene Electrofusion and Spigot Fittings



    CX-50/250SVC Electrofusion pad wire laying machine/ tapping saddle wire laying machine



    CANEX Electrofusion Pert Fitting Production Equipment  

      canex international corp.,ltd

    CANEX CX-160/400ZF Electrofusion Wire Laying Machine

    Size for : 160----400 Pipe couplings/45-90 elbow / Reducer/ Tee

    Working way :   vertical and herizontal 

    Electro fusion fittings made of : hdpe pipe /injection mould fittings.

    Applications : E/F Coupling, Tee, Eelctrofusion  90degree Elbow, 45degree Elbow, 
    Flange, E/F Reducer,  Electrofusion Pad,Saddle etc.

    Non-standard wire laying machines can be customized.: new fixture/clamps/toolings necessary.


     pert pipe fitting production equipment  



    Electrofusion Fitting Wire Laying MachineCANEX INTERNATIONAL CORP., LTD is a comprehensive manufacturer  for PE Electro Fusion Fittings Equipment    We develop Electrofusion wire laying machines/Injection moulds /Wiring Terminal lathe.  For the production of electrofusion fittings used to join thermoplastic pipes.    We adopt Delta (Taiwan) CNC Controlled System/ CTB Servo Motor   Schneider Electric / OMRON  etc. famous brand electrical appliances.   CANEX machines are strictly under the control of ISO9001:2000 QC system.  All CANEX CX-**/**ZF Seriesmachines have high quality and stable performance. With strong relationships and good credit,we cooperate closely to develop the global markets together.   


    Horizontal Wire Laying Model and Size Range




     Electrofusion Fitting Wire Laying Machine

    electrofusion production of gas and water polyethylene (PE) Electrofusion Fittings

     pert electrofusion fittings production

    Product Description



    ONE---- Electrofusion fittings

    Electrofusion fittings:

    Electrofusion fittings are used as pipe connecting, tube inner wall surface embedded heating with copper wire, 
    copper wire at both ends of the connection dedicated electric welding machine with terminals.



    Electrofusion Welding

    Applying a controllable ends embedded in the copper tube fever upper power supply voltage terminal, 
    so that it is embedded in the tubular member under the action of the copper current to generate heat, 
    the surface of the plastic pipe and the inner surface of the pipe member is inserted into the tube and melt through the 
    plastic melt expansion force of the surface and the inner surface of the pipe fittings tangled molten plastic, play a role in the connection after melt cooling.




    Electrofusion Wire Laying Machine-Process

    Injection Molded fittings or PE Pipe as material for Electrofusion fittings,By mechanical boring cutting to achieve required inner size,
    Embedded copper wires into the fittings,shape the inner surface. All processes are finished after one time setup.



    The principle of wire laying.

    Pipe fittings rotate with special wiring tool.

    The wiring cutter move in accordance with CNC Programming, form a continuous fixed or variable pitch; 
    Wiring tool cut the inner surface, scratched plastic will curve outside, embedded copper wire at the same time. 
    Close the scratched plastic with wheels.




    High precision of pipe inner size(Ovality less than 0.1mm).

    Easy operation, Controlled by CNC Parameters.

    Copper wire buried by the way of cold process.wires are not encounter relaxation force or fallen.

    Low individual differences of resistance. Facilitate unified welding process.


    Applications for wire laying machine

    Pipe couplings :E/F Coupling,Tee, E/F 90°Elbow,45°Elbow,Flange,E/F Reducer,

    Electrofusion saddle wire laying.



    Production efficiency

















    Any(CNC Programming Control)




    TWO---- Electrofusion fitting equipment


    Device Configuration

    1,Control system adopt DELTA CNC, our company united DELTA since 2009 , Develop 4 Axis CNC System according to our pipe fitting wire laying process design, 
    Our company own proprietary intellectual property rights.

    2,Wire laying machine : Horizontal format machines and Vertical format machines.

    3,Adopt hydraulic or pneumatic automatic way of fastening. 4 Axis CNC Control System assure production phase and repeatedly operations.

    4,Adopt wireless hand wheel control, enjoy convenient operations



    Equipment Operating Procedures

    Pipes fittings put into machine main clamp manually.

    Cutting inner surface of pipe fittings as per CNC Programming.Achieve required size  

    Embedding wires into pipe inner surface as per CNC Programming, meet design demands` pitch.(wire laying)

    Shaping inner embedded wire wall as per programmed CNC,in order to reach targeted tech demands



    Canex-Laying Wire Steps


    Heavy boring.

    Boring and chamfering under the condition of main axis started, 
    hole & angle as per tech demands,Edit program processing automatically. (can be changed as per demands)

    Laying wire

       The process of embedding wires called laying wire


    Set final boring program comply with high demands on tolerance. (Exam.0.5mm distance from surface,set final boring program ) 
    in order to assure roundness tolerance, inner hole tolerance,and assembling smoothly.  

    During the wire laying,the flipped plastic can not balance with inner surface,overmuch lead to inconvenient assembling, 
    suggest set final boring program. (as per practical situation)



    Binding Post 

    Cutting wire and pass through centre hole of Binding post ;

    Put binding post into stamping tool;

    Press binding post into pipe fittings, remain the end of resistance at middle taper hole of binding post
    ( or pass through whole binding post), make use of the taper different to mesh.


    1)  New way of connecion : welding by IGBT Intevert welder+ Argon gas

    2)  Chart for electrofusion fittings binding post connection : buckle on widely used.

    Electrofusion Fitting Wire Laying Machine




    CANEX hdpe electrofusion fitting mould

    Electrofusion Fitting Wire Laying Machine




      CNC Controlled electrofusion wire laying machine for pad wire laying vertical and herizontal 


    CX-32/160ZF electrofusion wire laying machine

    Electrofusion Fitting Wire Laying Machine


    Fullsealed Electrofusion Wire Laying Machine

    Long bed - horizental wire laying machine

    Electrofusion Fitting Wire Laying Machine


    Special Toolings/Fixture/Clamps for electrofusion coupler, electrofusion elbow, electrofusion tapping tee, end cap

    Electrofusion Fitting Wire Laying Machine


    CANEX CNC Vertical Wire Laying Machine

    for medium and large electrofusion fittings -canex

    Electrofusion Fitting Wire Laying Machine


    Electrofuson fittings widely used in Water/gas pipe fitting systems.

    Electrofusion Fitting Wire Laying Machine


    E/F fittings practical working.

    Electrofusion Fitting Wire Laying Machine


    Terminal Pin ( Binding Post )/ Electrofusion wires canex wire laying solution

    Electrofusion Fitting Wire Laying Machine


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    Electrofusion Fitting Wire Laying Machine



    Polyethylene Electrofusion and Spigot Fittings 

    ineCNC E/F Wire Laying Machine for Wire Laying Polyethylene (PE) Electrofusion Fittings uction


    Electrofusion socket fitting wire laying equipment

    / electrofusion saddle fitting wire laying equipment

    branch saddle wire laying 

    tapping saddle wire laying


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    Contact Person: Mr. Allen

    Tel: 86-028-88200310

    Fax: 86-028-88200310

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